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Risks And Effects Of Deforestation

Summary – Deforestation Removal of trees from forestland is known as deforestation. Trees are cutting down day by day, which causes many problems including climate change, global warming and many…

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Risk of Under Weight

Health Risk Of Being Under Weight

Summary – Under Weight Hii Reader, What’s up! Almost everyone things overweight is only dangerous and has a health risk. But in this article, I am going to include something…

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Nail Biting

Bad Effects Of Nail Biting- Health Risk

Summary – Nail Biting We often see children biting their nails, slowly it becomes their habit. They no more cut their nails with nail cutter rather use their teeth. But…

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Health Risk of Having Illegal Drugs

Cocaine  Shaking, muscle twitches, seizures, severe anxiety, compulsive repetition of actions with no meaning. Paranoia, psychosis, heart-related effects, nausea and vomiting, changes in breathing, increase in body temperature. Cold sweat,…

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Health Risk Of Being Overweight

Summary – Overweight More than half of the world population are concerned about their weight. Most of the people have problems with overweight. They suffer from many issues in their…

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Drinking – Health Risk Of Drinking Alcohol

Summary – Alcohol Alcohol is a very commonly used drug in many different countries. People often drink alcoholic drinks because they enjoy the effect that alcohol has on their brain….

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chewing gum

What Happen When you Swallow Gum

Summary – Chewing Gum Do you like to chew gum? of course you like. But there are some people who accidentally swallow the gum, and starts thinking now it will roll…

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Sleeping Late | Causes of Late Night Sleeping

Risks of Late Night Sleeping 1. Sleeping too much may lead to an earlier death. In a 2010 review of 16 different studies, researchers found an increased risk of dying…

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Masturbation Side Effects | Stop Masturbation

Summary – Masturbation Side Effects In today’s world, this problem of masturbation has increased very much. This problem is mostly seen in teenagers as their brain ability starts to grow…

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Health Risk of Smoking Cigarettes – Time To Stop

Summary – Smoking Smoking has become new cancer in our society and every adult are attacked by it. Though everyone knows smoking kills still they do it because it is…

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