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Hair fall is now a serious problem for every men and woman. The ancient people do not have this problem much as they used many useful oils all the time and took care of their hair. People spend millions of dollars on hair transparent surgery. Today I am going to discuss the natural ways to stop hair fall. So Read the full article and implement on a daily basis. Things do take time to solve, So be Patience.

hair fall
Stop Hair fall

1. Check Your Iron Levels

We need iron to produce red blood cells, which carries oxygen around the body.

Iron deficiency = less oxygen to the body tissues (including your scalp).

This starves the hair follicles, causing gradual hair loss.

What to do: Eat foods that are high in iron such as lentils (dals), beans, green leafy vegetables, nuts, meat. Check with your doctor or nutritionist to determine for sure if you have iron deficiency anemia and follow their advice.

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2. Vitamin D

Some cases of hair loss have been linked to low levels of vitamin D. A British Journal of Dermatology study reported that people with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss, were three times as likely to be D deficient as those with healthy hair. “Vitamin D helps hair reset its growth phase,” explains Piliang. Or you could just include vitamin D-rich foods into your diet, like swordfish, salmon, tuna, milk, and orange juice. But don’t try baking your bald spot in the sun to ramp up vitamin D production. That might result in an even bigger problem. Men should be careful about sun exposure on a balding scalp since it’s a common location for skin cancers.

3. Use Oil 

Oil is also essential to our scalps health. The lack of it can result to hair loss and dry scalp as well. Using essential oils can help promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. Massaging an amount of it in our scalp in a circular motion regularly can help in the proper circulation in the scalp. Here are the essential oils for hair loss:

  • Coconut Oil- This oil literally can do anything; you can use it in your skin, your hair, your hair as a moisturizer. Because of its characteristics as oil, it stays on your hair and prevents breakage. Seriously, is there anything that this oil can’t do?
  • Argan Oil- Argan oil is also used for hair loss. It can protect your hair from heat making it more nourished. And like many other oils that keep our hair moisturized, this also helps in keeping a more manageable hair.
  • Jojoba oil- This oil produces almost the same oil that our head produces called the “sebum”. With this, the scalp will easily allow it to penetrate thru the hairs follicles for a deeper effect to the scalp and hair without any side effect or irritation.

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4. Apple cider vinegar

In addition to the damage caused by dryness, hair loss can also be caused by clogged hair follicles. When hair follicles are blocked and deprived of oil, bacteria accumulate and healthy oils become scarce, resulting in hair loss and potentially even baldness. To prevent or fix clogged follicles, try rinsing your scalp with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. This natural hair loss treatment may work wonders to unclog pores and promote regrowth.

5. Coconut milk

There’s a reason so many shampoos and conditioners are coconut-based. Coconut is known for its potent moisturizing abilities. Incidentally, one of the leading reasons for hair loss is having a damaged scalp due to dryness. To naturally reverse fall-out caused by dryness and bring your hair follicles back to good health, massage coconut milk into your roots and let sit for 10 minutes a day.

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6. Garlic

In a 2007 study, dermatological researchers found that applying garlic gel to areas that have experienced hair loss along with a steroid treatment lead to more hair regrowth than using a placebo treatment with the steroid drug, and works to strengthen any existing hair it comes into contact with. Much like onion, garlic is full of minerals and vitamins that naturally condition and reverse hair loss. Applying a paste of blended garlic cloves could be an excellent home remedy to stop hair fall immediately.

7. Onion juice

The Journal of Dermatology published a study that found that onion juice overwhelmingly supports hair growth. After applying onion juice to the scalp twice a day for six weeks, 20 out of 23 participants saw positive results and reported that onion juice is a natural hair loss treatment that actually works. Onions have long been loved as a natural hair loss treatment because their sulfur content helps increase blood circulation, they promote collagen growth, and they contain antibacterial properties that treat scalp infections. To use, work onion juice into your scalp and let sit for 15 minutes. Then rinse using your regular shampoo.

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8. Egg

Around 70% of hair is composed of the protein keratin which needs to be maintained for hair growth. Chicken eggs contain between 3 to 6.5g of protein, and the runny nature makes them useful as a lotion. Applying beaten eggs to the hair can be used as a protein-rich conditioner that can improve hair strength. When applied directly to the hair, the protein in the egg fills weakened points in each strand of hair, helping to increase strength temporarily.

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